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January 2023 Active Members Highlight

Active EVMavericks: Memebers Highlight January 2023

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🦁 Active EVMs members highlight:

Top 5 Monthly contributors - January 2023






The Ben Meadows

• One of current financial stewards and involved in treasury matters

• Creates and shares quality Art

• Active member of Chad Fund’s council

• Share quality Alpha and News

• Proposed to do a cleanup of the collection: verification on Opensea and more

The A Word

• Host of EVMavericks podcast

• Curates the list for the Weekly Ethfinance Doots’ Roundup and introduces them to us every Friday

• Runs EthFit challenge! ETHFITNESS 💪

• Helps with Stake-a-thon funds’ multisig

• Brings the vibes everywhere!

Whatthefuck (dimpap)

• Drops ENS alpha (& more!) in the degen chat

• Initiated and lead the process for the Chan Fund to make it a reality

• Active member of Chad Fund’s council

• Created

### HashTagFuzzMaster (chrononaut)
• Host and Editor of EVMavericks podcast
• Active member of Chad Fund’s council
• Active marketing contributor
• Brings the stories and vibes!


• Hosts the bi-weekly Monday Water Cooler chat

• Initiates marketing explorations and discussions

• Core Stake-a-thon contributor

• Works on some secret stuff for 🦁👀